Ep. 04 – Politicians Are Looking to Limit Access to Vital Records

This episode originally aired in Salt Lake City on 105.7FM 570 AM KNRS on 8/4/13


On this weeks show Fisher shares the latest family history news.  A story of a World War II couple that met when a plane crashed in a field next to a young lady’s home, and new “GPR” (Ground Penetrating Radar) technology being used to map out New Zealand Cemetery.
Fred Moss, an attorney for the Federation of Genealogical Societies explains the latest push by politicians to possibly ELIMINATE the Social Security Death Index – hear the whys and hows. Fred Moss explains the latest federal government recommendations to state governments to reduce access to birth, death, marriage, and divorce records as well as how this can affect our ability to use DNA testing to learn about medical patterns in our families and how we can fight back.
Tom Perry of TMC, The MultiMedia Centers on using various platforms to preserve our histories, audio, film, video, and other records.  The story of the sun spot of 1859… why it matters to us today.


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