Ep. 08 – Family Charts are Works of Art

On this weeks show, Fisher talks about a ring swapped for chocolate at a World War II POW camp, and how it has found its way back to the prisoner’s family in America.  A man discovers his family history on Antique Road Show!  Also… DNA tests of relatives and DNA tests being done on three corpses, are being done to identify the model for the Mona Lisa.  And, DNA being used to straighten out a potential swapped baby situation at a hospital in India.  The latest on the body of King Richard III… and more!

Janet Horvorka from familychartmasters.com talks about the various charts available and remarkable “extras” she has used on charts, such as an image of a toilet used next to the picture of a grandfather who started a highly successful toilet business. Janet and Fisher talk about ideal family history gifts that are both inexpensive and meaningful… and some that are less meaningful… like cookies made with ancestors’ faces!
Tom Perry of tmcplace.com on holiday gifts that can be shared among family members in digitizing audio, video, and slides.
This episode aired on 105.7FM 570 AM KNRS in Salt Lake City on 9/1/13

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