Ep. 27 – David Allen Lambert of the New England Historical Genealogical Society

rootstechlinkFisher gets ready for Roots Tech in Salt Lake City as an official blogger.  The audience has spoken concerning the 3D printer company offering to make 3D versions of couples unborn child!  Cool or creepy?  Fisher reveals the answer.  In news… an African American woman was shocked when her brother’s Y chromosome DNA test came back with Chinese ancestry!  How could that be?  Fisher shares the experts’ possible explanations… and they’re fascinating.  The State Library of New York in Albany is facing a problem many of us do when we move… what to do with all that “junk.”  Part of the problem is simply determining what is junk, and what is treasure, and what to do with it.  Fisher explains the dilemma.  The British are now digitizing unit diaries from combat teams in World War I.  Could similar projects happen here as we look approach the centennial of the beginning of the Great War?

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Guest David Allen Lambert, chief genealogist of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, shares some highly entertaining research war stories, including brushes with celebrities.   He tells of why he had to inform a former major league baseball player that he was dead!  And how he found the oldest living professional athlete in history.  And be sure, you’ll repeat his story about Monkees singer Davy Jones after you hear this one.  We’ll only hint that it was family history that never happened!


Tom Perry, our Preservation Authority from TMCPlace.com returns with what you need to know about RootsTech, and services you can enjoy there.

Episode 27  Originally aired on 2/2/14

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