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Okay, for you to be listening to the radio show and now checking out the web site, I know you’re another addicted family historian!  When I lost my father and his only sibling three months apart when I was only 17, it left quite a hole in my life.  Nine years later I got married and wound up in England on the honeymoon, angry that I didn’t know where on that island my people had come from.  I vowed that the next time I returned, I would know.  Another nine years passed, we returned to England, and I did.  How fortunate I was that my trail was difficult!  I needed all that time to “cross the pond.”  Because of that, I really had to learn about many different types of sources, tracing down other living descendants to see what they had or knew, developing techniques, and most of all, enduring brick walls with determination and patience.  We pretty much expect instant results in our 21st Century world.  But in this business, it’s not always possible.  Those last two… determination and patience… are often still essential.   This show and this site are about sharing our passion… yours and mine… for this work of learning who we are and where we came from, who came before us and what we can learn from them.  I learned long ago, it’s the journey.  After cracking open a line I had worked for many years, after the elation had passed, I was surprised to feel a certain sadness.  I would never have to bang my head into that brick wall again.  And that had been half the fun of it! Feel free to email me at fisher@extremegenes.com with your thoughts, comments, and screaming success stories.  Please tell your friends about what’s going on here and “like” our Facebook page.  Thanks for all the kind words and support we’ve already received!


  1. says

    I was thrilled when I viewed the WDYTYA program concerning Chris O’Donnell. While viewing it I immediately recognized some of the research about Chris and his ancestors named Michael McEnnis and George McNeir. I had done this same precise research for a client of mine. When I saw these documents I immediately informed my client about this and she was thrilled to know her ancestor was present in the War of 1812 near where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write “The Star Spangled Banner” in Baltimore.
    It also thrilled me to see some documents which I have in my files for my client.

  2. Joanne Lambert says

    I am trying to find a grandfather – William Hayden Thompson. I always wanted to find him before my Mom passed but wasn’t able to. She always wanted to know what happened to her Father. I did find parents, but nothing any further back and nothing going forward since 1923 when he and my Grandmother divorced. I heard he may have gone to Maywood, Ill and I also heard he may have changed his name. I know his parents were Charles E. Thompson & Emily Stallings and that he was born in I believe Utley, KY somewhere between 1885 & 1889. I still work full time myself and do not have a lot of time for research. I joined Ancestry and can’t get into it now. Their phone line is impossible to get thru. My Father searched and found him in 1941, but he didn’t want to be found and said he had another family. My Father never told my Mom and never gave us any info or kept any records. Of course, they are gone now as I am in my 70’s. Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have.

    • says

      Hi,Joanne… Nice hearing from you. I am out of town until the weekend,but will be happy to review and see what help can be found when I return home. Thanks for checking in, and lets see what we can do then. Best regards… Fisher

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